Image by olarte.ollie (Flickr) CC BY-SA 2.0

Harnessing brilliance

A key part of our mission is to ‘harness the wealth of brilliance at the University of Oxford’. What we mean by that is that we want to use the expertise of the University in Oxplore. As one of the world’s top research universities and a historic centre of ideas this is an exciting prospect. We hope this will make our content vibrant – reflective of the latest research trends and revealing some lesser known angles on subjects.

With over 5,000 research and support staff and around 6,000 graduate research students Oxford is a very fruitful place to seek input! It does present some challenges… some say it has taken Oxford 800 years to get to quite such a complex organisational structure. Finding the exact researcher who can help with some of our specific ideas is not an easy task in every case. It requires a lot of online detective work and the good will of support staff in the different faculties and divisions.

That said, we’ve already had some early success stories. Medievalists are biting our hands off to give their ‘best’ battles (including one featuring meat products battling fish products). And it is reassuring to find that world-leading experts on the psychology of friendship and the impact of wars on economics are keen to share their insights with young people through new podcasts.

There is plenty of brilliance out there – we just need to ensure we can ‘harness’ it appropriately for launch and in the long term.


About Alex Pryce

I manage Communications and Engagement for the digital outreach portal project. I am based in the Widening Access and Participation team at the University of Oxford.

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