Watch this space (because something is about to happen)

Oxplore will be on limited release from next week with our first portal pilot. To get the portal to this stage we’ve had many things to bring together in the past few weeks. It has been fairly intense…!

Before the pilot, we’ve had to finish off aspects of our work that have been central to our activity for the past 6 months. We had our last technical development sprint of this phase, and we’re delighted that our development team have ticked as much as was possible off the to do list. The site is functionally ready for our pilot – and is optimised for mobile and tablet.

oxplore-posterOur designers have put some finishing touches to the site designs. We’ve also had some posters produced which have some of the same visual impact as the main site. These have already been distributed to schools in the North East of England – and are hopefully going to be adorning the walls of corridors and classrooms there soon,

Our content writers have sent us over the last of our content, we’ve loaded it into the site CMS and a team of reviewers including early career researchers and educational specialists have been reviewing it and suggesting tweaks. Live next week, we’ll have 15 questions for our users to explore – with over 225 different content items including lists, quizzes, podcasts, videos and articles. Not too shabby.

While this point has marked the end of some of these aspects of our work, having a live portal ready for our users also marks the start of wholly new tasks and challenges for the Oxplore team. In the coming weeks we’ll be running school workshops, focus groups, presenting at a student conference and firing on our social media cylinders for the first time. In the background, we’ll also be planning more content and for what further technical development we need to undertake before the national launch.

While our development timescale has been incredibly swift, I feel like I’ve been telling everyone I meet to ‘watch this space’ for a long time. Finally, that space is about to be filled!


About Alex Pryce

I manage Communications and Engagement for the digital outreach portal project. I am based in the Widening Access and Participation team at the University of Oxford.

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