Recognise someone/somewhere?

If you’ve visited our homepage at, one of the first things you will have noticed is our imagery. You can’t fail to miss it – it flies in!

If you are an Oxford local or know much about the city, you might recognise familiar objects, places or faces. Each of the headline images for our big questions has a subtle link to the city and University that Oxplore calls home.

Some of these are iconic. For ‘Does a god exist?’ we’ve used the famous domed roof of the Radcliffe Camera. In ‘Do aliens exist?’ we’ve used the striking new Blavatnik School of Government building (which does look a bit out of this world). The Mini Cooper for the ‘Should you have to be British to live in Britain?’ question is similarly iconic – and manufactured at the Mini Plant in Oxford.

Not all of our images are so easily recognisable, but we appreciate the link nonetheless. For the ‘Can war be a good thing?’ question for example, the war grave might look like one of the thousands across the world, but it is in fact from Botley Cemetery. Those buried there were treated at the University’s Examination Schools which were requisitioned as a hospital. And, the people we’ve included are all current or former Oxford students – made into robots, super heroes and more.

Pooling our ideas for these images and for the future content we’re working on at the moment has been one of the team’s favourite tasks. We feel we’re bringing a new angle to some of Oxford’s heritage as well as bringing some of the city’s hidden gems to the fore.


About Alex Pryce

I manage Communications and Engagement for the digital outreach portal project. I am based in the Widening Access and Participation team at the University of Oxford.

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